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world hunger information

world hunger information 
Concentrated 60% of people suffering from malnutrition in South Asia ( 295 million ) and sub-Saharan Africa ( 233 million ) world hunger information presence, but these regions have experienced a decline in the number of undernourished people from 32.7% to 24 , 8 % in the last two decades .

Hunger continues to decline in most of the world , but Africa continues to suffer from poor conditions in this area, as the fifth of its population is malnourished , according to the announcement by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Food " SÃO " .

According to AFP, said the organization " FW " in the report that Asia as a whole , " it is not very far from achieving the " Millennium Development Goals (MDs ) , and the judge reduce the proportion of people suffering from hunger half of 2015 world hunger information .

The organization has raised the possibility of developing countries to achieve this goal in its entirety, the requirement to "redouble efforts to reduce hunger, " through better safety nets, and more investment in the agriculture.

According to this report , which addresses food security in the world in 2013 , which was presented world hunger information Tuesday in Rome, 842 million people , representing 12 % of the world population suffer from chronic hunger in 2011 and 2013 , compared to 868 million between 2010 and 2012. And the ratio of 12% means that for 8 people in the world suffer from hunger.

On the other hand world hunger information , was " most Asian countries made insignificant progress in the fight against hunger and reduce the number of malnourished people , especially in South-East Asia " , where rates malnutrition fell from 31 % to 10.7 % within 20 years.

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