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The real reasons for feeling hungry

The real reasons for feeling hungry

Quick hunger comes from the mind and not the stomach
Revealed the latest medical research has revealed that it was not for six to eight hours before the hunger signals from the stomach to the brain, which means that any sensation of hunger before this period published this feeling of spirit and not the stomach.

And , " said Dr. Joseph Skelton, " pediatrician and director of the "Center of Wake Forest, " the sensation of hunger medical is that most think of food meal tattoo , and see , or be reminded of their right room.

He explained , " Skelton " This pushes the human body in a continuous thinking about food and convinced that hungry and need to eat .

The study noted that the reason for this often causes a lot of thinking to a fatty meal during the holidays, despite not suffering from simple hunger smell of food makes a person want to eat .

In an attempt to avoid thinking about food and permanent desire to eat , the study proposes a number of measures should be made to overcome this habit, including slow chewing, which normally takes about a minute to many a time, so should continue for about twenty minutes for your stomach to send signals to the brain's satiety and satiation .

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