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Lack of food in the world threatens everyone

Lack of food in the world threatens everyone

Estimates indicate that the increase in hunger during the period 2007 - 2010 was less severe than previously thought hunger statistics .
 The economic feed the hungry crisis did not emerge during 2008 - 2009 for a sharp economic slowdown on the ground in many developing countries have also dominated the concerns above. The transmission of the impact of international prices for the less powerful local markets during the high time of food , while many governments have managed to absorb shock and protect the most vulnerable to the effects of eruptions sudden price hunger statistics .

The number of people suffering from hunger, which was released today are part of a series of new dates from 1990. And the best offers updated data on population , methods of food supply and the loss of food, dietary energy requirements and other factors . It also includes a better distribution of food in the country ( according to estimates of the supply and distribution of food) estimates.

Until today, reveals a set of three UN organizations that the link between economic growth and nutrition remained weak report, if submitted Altman approach a better framework for the integration feed the hungry of aspects of the agriculture feed the hungry, nutrition and health hunger statistics.

Social protection systems

While recognizing the importance of the growth is sometimes not sufficient in itself or quickly enough hunger statistics. We must therefore ensure that social protection systems do not neglect the most vulnerable and may be involved in the growth context in which to participate and benefit .

What we need now is the application of procedures and measures such as remittances and facilitate the availability of cash vouchers for food, health insurance , since most of the poor can not , in most cases the benefits to the immediate results of Neil growth opportunities . Social protection to achieve much to improve nutrition in the case of young children, and that this investment will pay off in the future feed the hungry , thanks to the creation of a workforce healthy adults and more educated citizens hunger statistics.
 This is not only an effective and complementary means of overall economic growth in order to ensure the defeat of hunger and malnutrition welfare .

The vast majority ( 852 million people ) of people suffering from hunger in developing countries , about 15 percent of the total population , while the remaining 16 million people suffering from food shortages among the countries of the industrialized economies.

And record the total number of hungry people to 132 million during the periods 1990-1992 and 2010-2012 , down from 18.6 percent to 12.5 percent of the total world population , and 23.2 percent to 14.9 percent in developing countries - indicating that the reduction in the number of people suffering from hunger by 2015 is still a means to achieve in the case of actions and appropriate measures and appropriate.

And now, it is estimated that the number of people suffering from hunger has decreased during the period between 1990 and 2007 at a much higher rate than previously thought . However, progress in reducing global hunger from 2007 - 2008 has slowed down and not get up .

By bringing the new international report once said Jose Grain DA Silva, Kana Wane, Ms. Arthurian cosine, which are, respectively , the heads of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development and Nations the World Food Programmed , " We found that this is not acceptable at all in the world today, including the ownership of technical and economic feasibility unprecedented over 100 million children under five are underweight and are not able to reach the state of economic and social development and humanitarian benefit of their energy , especially child malnutrition kill more than 2.5 million children each year.hunger statistics "

Present the " State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012" report, which issued a partnership between the feed the hungry United Nations Food and "SÃO" Agriculture and the International Fund for Agricultural Development " FAD "and the World Food Programmed " PA "says better than expected on the state of chronic food shortages, methodologies, and through better data to measure the conditions in the last two decades.

They stressed , saying :hunger statistics "We note with concern that the global economy from the grip of the recent global financial crisis is still small, but we call on the international community to exert more efforts to help the poorest of the poor Neil worldwide fundamental right of access to adequate food. . has the knowledge and the means to that position to eliminate all forms of food insecurity and malnutrition . " added that it is necessary to apply based on supporting overall economic growth " dual approach " (including agriculture) and the creation of social safety nets for the most vulnerable part of the second.

The impact of the economic crisis

However, the report notes, "The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012" is that the methodology for each superiority does not reflect the short-term effects of rising food prices and other economic crisis . organization seeks " FW " also for the development of a broader set of indicators in order to clearly reflect the quality of the food and other non-obvious dimensions of food safety requirements hunger statistics .

MD target within reach

The report feed the hungry mentions that the Dairyman Action to reverse the slowdown that began in 2007 - 2008 to meet the needs of the hungry, but makes the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by half the number of people suffering hunger in developing countries by 2015 in hand.

The report says: "If you keep the average annual rate of reduction of hunger in the past twenty years in 2015 , will reach the proportion of undernourished people in developing countries to 12.5 percent - and even exceeded the the objective of Millennium Development 11.6 percent is much closer than previously thought  hunger statistics. "

Asia is the number of hungry and Africa is on the rise

Among all regions annotated malnutrition over the past two decades, a decline of nearly 30 percent in Asia and the Pacific, from 739 million to 563 million people , at most , due to economic and social progress in many countries region . Despite population growth , the reduction of the prevalence of malnutrition in the region of 23.7 percent to 13.9 percent , and the fact that Latin America and the Caribbean also increased, by reducing the number of undernourished people from 65 million people suffering from hunger in 1990-1992 to 49 million in 2010-2012 and decreased prevalence of malnutrition of 14.6 percent to 8.3 percent . But the pace has slowed recently .

Africa is the only region where the number of people suffering from hunger has increased over this period, from 175 million to 239 million , bringing the total number to 20 million over the past four years. Although the prevalence of hunger in the duration of this period, however , increased slightly over the past three years, from 22.6 percent to 22.9 percent - the rate of hunger of a person with four people suffering from hunger. In sub -Saharan Africa, scrambling modest progress in recent years, from 2007 , and moved to increased hunger 2 percent per year since .

Also saw the return of economically developed in the number of hunger increased from 13 million in 2004-2006 to 16 million in 2010-2012 , while the downward trend continued agitation during the famine in the previous 20 years million from 1990 to 1992 .

Agricultural growth to fight against hunger statistic sand malnutrition

The report highlights that global growth is necessary but not sufficient to reduce hunger permanently . The growth of agriculture in the most effective hunger and malnutrition in the poorest countries of confinement , because most of the poor depend on agriculture and related activities in the context of their living resources. And ensure agricultural growth when small farmers, especially women feed the hungry , the highest degree of effectiveness in reducing extreme poverty and hunger, while creating jobs for the poor included hunger statistics.

To benefit from weak growth should be " sensitive to considerations of nutrition " to overcome various forms of malnutrition. No reduce hunger that increase the supply of food available , but also improve the quality of food in terms diversity , and content security.

But there are signs of hope to guide the possibility of achieving the goal of greater goals of the effort hunger statistics

9 October / feed the hungry October 2012 , Rome feed the hungry - the city new UN report on hunger today reported that nearly 870 million people , or one in eight suffer from chronic food shortages in the period 2010-2012 hunger statistics .

Although today there are 870 million people hungry , the world is increasingly facing the double burden of malnutrition , chronic malnutrition and micronutrients deficiencies , and the phenomenon results obesity and diseases subtle patterns from the same day affects more than 1.4 feed the hungry million people worldwide hunger statistics feed the hungry .

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