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hunger headache - Information is very important

hunger headache
Mechanism headaches hunger or lack of food is still unknown, and probably the scientists is caused by blood sugar that patients with diabetes , and in general if is a lack of sugar , there are other symptoms that are associated with it , which is sweating and palpitations , dizziness, and these symptoms are not present when all patients , so they should always try to eat at the time, but have not had the opportunity so that you get when the attack is used with a sedative , and there are several things to help avoid this hunger headache , namely:

The causes of hunger headache is the strict diet , eating excessive amounts of sweets, and because of the delay or non - food meals or eat food in times to return the body , forcing the patient to eat snacks get rid.

What we complain of is a type of , mainly related to , and is called a , a is known , and this type of pain head may occur before the date of the food, and the years around the entire head , and often is dynamic"hunger headache".

1 - Reduce consumption of caffeine.

2 - Eat protein : This reduces the headache, and that eating nuts and whole grains, low-fat foods .

3 - to eat several meals throughout the day instead of three meals (hunger headache).

4 - reducing sugars and sugary foods they tend to appear headache when a famine residue in the stomach, and as we have said, the cause of headaches is the lack of sugar, and consumption sugar or starch sugar increases first and then , after a period of reduced sugar and is associated with hunger headache .

In the end : You can control when it is placed, and control the quality of food that preceded sometimes be a headache because of the sensitivity of a particular type of food.

Lived with a hunger headache, and as is the case for many people in the case had no food you feel hungry , but I do not feel hungry, but accompanied by headache, why? What are the treatments ? !

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