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ending world hunger

ending world hunger
In any case, despite these successes , the world is not yet free from ending world hunger .
The birth of hundreds of millions of human beings like us, who do not have access to enough food is a major challenge for fundamental human rights, including the right of everyone to adequate food. The phenomenon of obesity, which has a list Hater degree that threaten the health of the world, but it is a sad reflection of the inability of the Company to use food in a way that maximizes the benefits to humanity ending world hunger . Nations spend about $ 975 billion per year in military spending , and spend less than 80 billion dollars in aid that could reduce hunger and poverty breeds conflict confounds common sense

We are the United Nations Food and Agriculture , where we celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the organization , we reaffirm our belief in the possible creation of a world without hunger Service deepest peace. However,"ending world hunger" this goal can not be achieved by the organization or government working alone. Therefore, the organization urges all those who share a commitment to eradicate hunger , to work with the "International Alliance against Hunger" by joining national alliances or other local initiatives translate this shared vision reality.

The world has experienced since the end of World War II , a rapid and radical transformation in the systems of production and distribution of food , which , given the results thereafter.

While still a forest tribal settlements in search of food ending world hunger shortages in some regions, a person on the other side of the planet planted hundreds of acres of land high performance , enjoying the benefits of modern technology to needs families.

Characterized the history of humanity to fight for food. There have been wars, migration and promote the growth of nations. As countries began to discover each other, trading systems developed at great distances had a major influence on what people eat crops such as maize, which appeared originally in Mexico became a staple in most of East and West Africa , and tomatoes , tomato, and the origin of the Andes in Latin America , which now form the building blocks of Mediterranean cuisines ending world hunger . And wheat, which dates back to the Middle East spread to North America, believes that if the rice harvest today as President in the world, and the cultivation of coffee and fish, " Tilapia " back Africa initially banned now consumed worldwide .

Before 60 years ago , precisely on October 16 after the Second World War , created the Organization of the SÃO of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded on ending world hunger : the need for peace and shall not hunger. These Alaskan linked as evidenced by the words of the founding fathers of the organization "Peace is necessary if you want to move towards freedom. "

Since the inception of the organization, the number of the world's population has almost tripled to more than 6 billion people ending world hunger . Thank you for the efforts of millions of farmers and scientific creations , thanks to advances in the fields of industry, trade and communications, the world produces enough food to feed all humans , increased rates person per day for food by 23 percent since 1945 , and it is a significant achievement challenges the predicted catastrophe !

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