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Child Hunger in America

 Rates of tyke neediness in the United States at record levels , which influence about 17 million youngsters in the nation child hunger , as a developing number of kids who experience the ill effects of craving every day .

Has not gotten away from the consideration of something worth mulling over Kylie Hayod youngster matured 10 years and more advanced in years sibling Tyler 's 12 -year-old .

Furthermore before a beneficent sustenance banks in the city of Stockton , quit debating the kids with their mother on the 15 things are permitted to take them , where they don't have enough cash to set out for some looking for different things .

The point when child hunger needed to take steaks , restricted by the mother on account of not having a cooler to store sustenance in the room in which they dwell in an inn in the city , as they have no spot to cook.

This is not the first occasion when that the battle in which parts of the family keeping in mind the end goal to check their yearning to get their top choice nourishment , or get enough of it.

Tyke work

Kylie says : "We don't address three suppers a day, for example, breakfast, lunch and supper , and when I feel eager I feel him tragic and tired. "

The lives of both Kylie and Tyler with their mother Barbara, who was working before in a processing plant , and after the misfortune of her occupation , got qualified for a total of cash and sustenance tickets from the administration , what might as well be called a thousand and 480 dollars a month .

Family and couldn't stand to lease the house where she was staying in, which was setting back the ol' finances them thousand and $ 326 for every month, where he had abandoned them with minimal expenditure child hunger , which is insufficient to get nourishment or fuel.

The Kylie help the family salary through their work in the gathering of void containers of mineral on both sides of the track line close to the old house , where they are getting the measure of two to five pennies for every jug gathered .

Taylor was additionally help by attempting to cut the herbs in the home enclosure , and he receives as an exchange for $ 10
child hunger .

Tyler says : "I help six dollars to purchase gas , while giving the remaining four dollars to my mother to purchase nourishment . " Instead of shopping in stores , you Kylie purchased her attire from a shop having a place with the organization , " Salvation Army " philanthropy , which permits it to purchase T-shirts at a cost of 60 pennies for every shirt , and apparel that are valued at two dollars " exceptionally exorbitant " for her.

The present rent the room in which you dwell family about $ 700 for every month , yet the family endeavor to adjust the consumptions implies that it needs to make more tributes .

Nourishment banks

Taylor says that there are sweet days and terrible days , and included: "Sometimes when we have corn chips , we don't have milk , we need to consume it comes to be dry. "

This is the group of the 47 million Americans who are accepted to depend on philanthropy nourishment banks to get sustenance , as there is a kid out of each five kids gain sustenance help in America
child hunger .

In the zone in which they live and Tyler Kiley , affirms nourishment bank " River under" huge expand in the amounts of individuals who require assistance .

Says Karen Laughlin , which works with nourishment banks 30 years prior : " The circumstances has changed drastically since the start of the retreat , we are seeing an expansion of in the ballpark of 30 to 40 percent on the amounts of individuals who come to us

She includes 
child hunger : "This is not just in light of the fact that numerous individuals have lost their employments , additionally since the elective occupations offered more level compensations , so you can not stand to bolster the family . "

Barbara says , and you are currently preparing at a school spend significant time in the field of razor : " I've never seen the circumstances so terrible whatsoever , it has come to be to get occupations extremely troublesome . "

She adds : "I headed off to the specialist due to despondency , has requested that me deliver the medications to treat discouragement, freeze ambushes in view of that I was experiencing. Not know whether I might uncover a vocation in the wake of completing school , or if things will improve . "

In the month of February , guaranteed President Barack Obama in a discourse to expand the base wage to turn into a $ 9 a hour.

Obama said in his discourse : "This move alone will expand access for a large number of working families , this may mean the contrast between shopping of perishables or depend on nourishment banks , which likewise implies the distinction between living in houses leased or out into the obscure , and live on the edge or live in poise ... "

However families like Barbara , which is the place the folks lose their occupations surprisingly , and where kids are presented to craving , proceeds to possess the consideration of sustenance banks .

The suggestions of the issue

Laughlin says that a large portion of these families don't know where to strive for assistance , you might feel mortified to request it , and includes : " There are a considerable measure of individuals who come to us didn't jump out at them to see themselves in this circumstance. "

What's more show the suggestions of this issue crosswise over America , says the association " Feeding America " or bolstering America philanthropy, which works 200 nourishment banks , and sustain 37 million individuals every year , incorporating 14 million kids .

The Foundation says that in regards to 17 million American kids live in homes where they can not depend on getting enough sound nourishment . Saw from a few families , it might mean shabby nourishment and simple to get ready ,, for example, sandwiches, pizza , increment the danger of weight and introduction to health issues later on sometime to come .

The study additionally works young lady buddy Kylie , which now does not head off to class in light of moving some times to change the lodging , in the company of lack of determination about the last put that will settle the family .

After the family left her room at the motel ( hotel ) in the city , the family used a short period in the new house , yet was not ready to hold up under the expense and also the rent was compelled to move again , in the wake of fizzling kids' grandma , who exists with them in helping the worth of the lease.

Barbara would like to change that , particularly assuming that you figured out how to get the trailer primed for home
child hunger , and that passes through the lease for two years and gives a chance for security .

Monday, December 9, 2013

ending world hunger

ending world hunger
In any case, despite these successes , the world is not yet free from ending world hunger .
The birth of hundreds of millions of human beings like us, who do not have access to enough food is a major challenge for fundamental human rights, including the right of everyone to adequate food. The phenomenon of obesity, which has a list Hater degree that threaten the health of the world, but it is a sad reflection of the inability of the Company to use food in a way that maximizes the benefits to humanity ending world hunger . Nations spend about $ 975 billion per year in military spending , and spend less than 80 billion dollars in aid that could reduce hunger and poverty breeds conflict confounds common sense

We are the United Nations Food and Agriculture , where we celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the organization , we reaffirm our belief in the possible creation of a world without hunger Service deepest peace. However,"ending world hunger" this goal can not be achieved by the organization or government working alone. Therefore, the organization urges all those who share a commitment to eradicate hunger , to work with the "International Alliance against Hunger" by joining national alliances or other local initiatives translate this shared vision reality.

The world has experienced since the end of World War II , a rapid and radical transformation in the systems of production and distribution of food , which , given the results thereafter.

While still a forest tribal settlements in search of food ending world hunger shortages in some regions, a person on the other side of the planet planted hundreds of acres of land high performance , enjoying the benefits of modern technology to needs families.

Characterized the history of humanity to fight for food. There have been wars, migration and promote the growth of nations. As countries began to discover each other, trading systems developed at great distances had a major influence on what people eat crops such as maize, which appeared originally in Mexico became a staple in most of East and West Africa , and tomatoes , tomato, and the origin of the Andes in Latin America , which now form the building blocks of Mediterranean cuisines ending world hunger . And wheat, which dates back to the Middle East spread to North America, believes that if the rice harvest today as President in the world, and the cultivation of coffee and fish, " Tilapia " back Africa initially banned now consumed worldwide .

Before 60 years ago , precisely on October 16 after the Second World War , created the Organization of the SÃO of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded on ending world hunger : the need for peace and shall not hunger. These Alaskan linked as evidenced by the words of the founding fathers of the organization "Peace is necessary if you want to move towards freedom. "

Since the inception of the organization, the number of the world's population has almost tripled to more than 6 billion people ending world hunger . Thank you for the efforts of millions of farmers and scientific creations , thanks to advances in the fields of industry, trade and communications, the world produces enough food to feed all humans , increased rates person per day for food by 23 percent since 1945 , and it is a significant achievement challenges the predicted catastrophe !

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world hunger information

world hunger information 
Concentrated 60% of people suffering from malnutrition in South Asia ( 295 million ) and sub-Saharan Africa ( 233 million ) world hunger information presence, but these regions have experienced a decline in the number of undernourished people from 32.7% to 24 , 8 % in the last two decades .

Hunger continues to decline in most of the world , but Africa continues to suffer from poor conditions in this area, as the fifth of its population is malnourished , according to the announcement by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Food " SÃO " .

According to AFP, said the organization " FW " in the report that Asia as a whole , " it is not very far from achieving the " Millennium Development Goals (MDs ) , and the judge reduce the proportion of people suffering from hunger half of 2015 world hunger information .

The organization has raised the possibility of developing countries to achieve this goal in its entirety, the requirement to "redouble efforts to reduce hunger, " through better safety nets, and more investment in the agriculture.

According to this report , which addresses food security in the world in 2013 , which was presented world hunger information Tuesday in Rome, 842 million people , representing 12 % of the world population suffer from chronic hunger in 2011 and 2013 , compared to 868 million between 2010 and 2012. And the ratio of 12% means that for 8 people in the world suffer from hunger.

On the other hand world hunger information , was " most Asian countries made insignificant progress in the fight against hunger and reduce the number of malnourished people , especially in South-East Asia " , where rates malnutrition fell from 31 % to 10.7 % within 20 years.

hunger headache - Information is very important

hunger headache
Mechanism headaches hunger or lack of food is still unknown, and probably the scientists is caused by blood sugar that patients with diabetes , and in general if is a lack of sugar , there are other symptoms that are associated with it , which is sweating and palpitations , dizziness, and these symptoms are not present when all patients , so they should always try to eat at the time, but have not had the opportunity so that you get when the attack is used with a sedative , and there are several things to help avoid this hunger headache , namely:

The causes of hunger headache is the strict diet , eating excessive amounts of sweets, and because of the delay or non - food meals or eat food in times to return the body , forcing the patient to eat snacks get rid.

What we complain of is a type of , mainly related to , and is called a , a is known , and this type of pain head may occur before the date of the food, and the years around the entire head , and often is dynamic"hunger headache".

1 - Reduce consumption of caffeine.

2 - Eat protein : This reduces the headache, and that eating nuts and whole grains, low-fat foods .

3 - to eat several meals throughout the day instead of three meals (hunger headache).

4 - reducing sugars and sugary foods they tend to appear headache when a famine residue in the stomach, and as we have said, the cause of headaches is the lack of sugar, and consumption sugar or starch sugar increases first and then , after a period of reduced sugar and is associated with hunger headache .

In the end : You can control when it is placed, and control the quality of food that preceded sometimes be a headache because of the sensitivity of a particular type of food.

Lived with a hunger headache, and as is the case for many people in the case had no food you feel hungry , but I do not feel hungry, but accompanied by headache, why? What are the treatments ? !

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The real reasons for feeling hungry

The real reasons for feeling hungry

Quick hunger comes from the mind and not the stomach
Revealed the latest medical research has revealed that it was not for six to eight hours before the hunger signals from the stomach to the brain, which means that any sensation of hunger before this period published this feeling of spirit and not the stomach.

And , " said Dr. Joseph Skelton, " pediatrician and director of the "Center of Wake Forest, " the sensation of hunger medical is that most think of food meal tattoo , and see , or be reminded of their right room.

He explained , " Skelton " This pushes the human body in a continuous thinking about food and convinced that hungry and need to eat .

The study noted that the reason for this often causes a lot of thinking to a fatty meal during the holidays, despite not suffering from simple hunger smell of food makes a person want to eat .

In an attempt to avoid thinking about food and permanent desire to eat , the study proposes a number of measures should be made to overcome this habit, including slow chewing, which normally takes about a minute to many a time, so should continue for about twenty minutes for your stomach to send signals to the brain's satiety and satiation .

Facts and causes of hunger in the world

world hunger facts
financial speculation and demand for grain to produce biofuels is contaminated world hunger facts .
Participants in the food summit in Rome last year, stressed the need to " eliminate hunger in the world," stressed "the need to reduce the rate and the number of people who suffer from hunger and malnutrition , to halve, by 2015."
And still have 5 years to date , but the available indicators so far do not bode well .
Member States of the Organization of FAO stressed the " millennium goal " to eradicate hunger in June to June 2008 , but the number of hungry people increased in 2009 from 850 million to 1.2 billion world hunger facts .
It means that failure is still standing , and that the number of hungry people will not back down , to confirm that humans have not yet reached that level of humanity that drives them to address this phenomenon as a real disgrace .
Hunger may seem at first glance an economic phenomenon , but a phenomenon of the manifestations of the work of nature as well. This is the focus of most international organizations , including the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations . But there are those who consider political phenomenon world hunger facts . Failure of government and political randomized often an important factor in transforming agricultural communities that used to live in self-sufficient communities are hungry to lack the basic resources to stay on their land or interest in them .
However, there is a hunger of the social and cultural phenomenon . Societies that fail to resolve the crises coexistence among themselves often end up in poverty , and thus fall into the clutches of the conflict and hunger in the end world hunger facts . Instead of the measure means for the development of the resources , the knowledge of underdevelopment and the proliferation of ignorance makes it impossible for some communities to adapt to economic changes that revolve around them .
According to Food and Agriculture Organization
Natural disasters such as floods and tropical storms and prolonged droughts are increasing day after day world hunger facts - with disastrous consequences and the problems of food in poor developing countries .
The drought is currently the most common causes of food shortages in the world. In 2004 , caused a series of successive drought damage to crops and loss of large numbers of livestock in many countries such as Ethiopia , Eritrea, Somalia , Uganda and Kenya .
In many countries , climate change leads to the aggravation of natural conditions . For example , handles poor farmers in Ethiopia or Guatemala with little rainfall to sell livestock to cover their losses and pay for food. However, world hunger facts the continuing drought for consecutive years in the Horn of Africa and Central America works on the depletion of the country's resources .
The wars another factor leading to widen the circle of hunger . Since 1992 , doubled and food crises that can be caused by man , rising from 15 per cent to more than 35 per cent . Often , these emergency situations as a result of conflicts.
Starting from Asia and Africa and through the end of Latin America , fighting has displaced millions of people and their displacement from their homes , which led to the worst cases of hunger in the world . In 2004 , displacing the worsening conflict in Sudan's Darfur region more than a million people , causing a food crisis in the region was generally enjoying the rain and crops.
Typically , the " cycle of poverty " become like a millstone , the greater the rotation , the more crushing the poor among SÃO . The farmers can not in many developing countries buy seeds to be cultivated to provide food for their families . It also is not available to the artisans money to buy the equipment to work , others do not have the land or water or education to lay the foundations for a secure future world hunger facts . The poor do not have the money to buy or provide food for themselves and their families . And therefore they are weak and can not buy more food .
In the opinion of the Food and Agriculture Organization that " in the long term , is to improve agricultural production and the most successful optimal solution to the problem of hunger ."
And lacking in many developing countries to agricultural infrastructure , such as roads , warehouses and irrigation . This results in high transport costs and lack of storage facilities and the instability of the water resources , which leads to the lack of agricultural yields and lower chances of securing food. But although the majority of developing countries depend on agriculture , but the economic planning by governments are often more interested in urban development .
The working poor agricultural practices and deforestation on the depletion of soil fertility and the dissemination of world hunger facts . And increasingly dangerous to the fertile land in the world as a result of decertification and soil erosion and high salinity .
Today, there are more than one billion hungry people in the world. However, the above factors are not sufficient to provide an adequate explanation for the failure . He says some of the experiences that the failure of government policies play a major role in the spread of the phenomenon.
Today, forced almost half the world's population live on the equivalent of less than two dollars per day per person , and even have five of the world 's population to live in misery , because all of them live the equivalent of less than one dollar per day . All these people are sleeping on empty stomachs , or do not find what they eat it, or suffer from malnutrition world hunger facts . IE, they are suffering from hunger . However, the planet fertile enough clearly to feed more of the population today , so the lack of food , and the prevalence of hunger , and starvation is not the things normal ; has confirmed the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations United Nations twenty years ago that "the problem is not a lack of material food , as much as it is the lack of political will world hunger facts . "
The scourge of hunger and harvested the lives of many children in poor countries . The striking that countries that pursue a policy of contributing extensively to provide the workplace , almost devoid of hunger. In contrast, spreading the scourge of hunger and death due to hunger significantly in those countries where dictatorships and arbitrary . In addition, the recent economic crises the world has seen have had negative repercussions on the economies of developing countries , if the increased poverty as well as rising food prices that have increased their role in the spread of the scourge of hunger in these countries , especially between 2007 and 2008 . No sooner did food prices to start falling until exposed developing countries to the repercussions of the financial crisis and economic crisis that led to the collapse of the export sector in many of these countries world hunger facts . On the other hand , climate change has led to the spread of drought and poor harvest , which thwarted the successes that have been previously reached with respect to efforts to combat hunger , especially in China and India.
Raise the issue of the prevalence of hunger in the world mixed feelings . Of course , the experts and intellectuals offer explanations and solutions, not less conflict .
But the truth is that there is no failure of the humanitarian impact of a deeper failure in front of hunger.
And more than the absence of social security systems in developing countries to devote the scourge of hunger . Because the people in these countries poor erode the purchasing power . The farmers , who produce most of them enough and his family , do not throw enough temptation to increase their products world hunger facts ; Where available demand and the ability to purchase, suitable offers are available for it.
Some experts believe that the most important action to overcome hunger in the world lies in providing more possibilities for action , thus providing intakes encouraging the purchase. This is the case of the developing countries themselves ; , as it must - and , as happened in China and India - put the basics of the economy , so start initiatives for development. They must also reduce state control over the economy , anti- corruption , so that the private initiative , any of the private sector world hunger facts, be strengthened and increased.
He says program coordinator for food " Tele Food " of the SÃO in the Middle East and North Africa , Ismail Abu Zed said world cereal production reached 2300 million tons per year, an amount in excess of the needs of human beings , however it is still a hunger in the world where there was an increase to 90 percent in prices food products during the year , forcing developing countries to allocate billions of dollars to keep up with this increase .
Abu Zed says that every minute in ten children die an average of a child every six seconds because of hunger at the time of the focus on the amount of talk about the swine flu , while there are 17 million hungry people die each year .
He adds, "Do not underestimate what the relevant bodies of swine flu , but if the number of victims is standard , the hunger is the most dangerous " .. denounced this happens at a time when the world produces food more than he needs the money spent on arms in a single day is enough to eliminate hunger in food-deficit countries world hunger facts .
According to the Resident Representative of the Organization (SÃO) to Egypt Abdul Salam Could Ahmed , Acting Office of the Near East in the organization that the partnership between the SÃO and the international community to form the cornerstone of the organization's efforts in the fight against hunger , adding that economic policy is balanced and the weakness of investment in the agricultural sector and the ineffectiveness of programs of agricultural protection in addition to the impact of the global financial crisis represents the causes of the deterioration of the situation regarding the global fight against hunger where the number of hungry people at 105 million in 2009 .
He adds that the Arab countries import 50 percent of its agricultural as the Arab world 's biggest importer of grain , making it more susceptible to the vagaries of the market. Such a situation that is getting worse because of climate change and population growth .
The millions of poor people fought demonstrations against hunger and rising food prices in 2008 . It is likely Arvin with inflation this year to witness disorders may be more severe if governments fail to measure Saul to reduce the cost of food.
The European Commissioner for Development Louis Michel warned earlier that " shock Alerts food are on the horizon which is less visible than the oil shock is that the potential impact of the tsunami will be economically and humanly true in Africa world hunger facts."
The increased growth of large emerging economies such as China, India and Brazil demand for food . And exacerbated this phenomenon ill Seawall climate in producing countries such as Australia,
In wars , food is sometimes as a weapon , where he works to starve the enemy soldiers to seize food and livestock or destroy them , and thus affected the local markets significantly , not to mention contaminating fields and water wells, or to mine , forcing farmers to abandon their lands .
When conflicts have led to the spread of chaos in Central Africa in the nineties , the proportion of hungry people by 53 per cent to 58 per cent world hunger facts . In comparison, the malnutrition is increasing in the quiet places in Africa such as Ghana and Malawi.

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Lack of food in the world threatens everyone

Lack of food in the world threatens everyone

Estimates indicate that the increase in hunger during the period 2007 - 2010 was less severe than previously thought hunger statistics .
 The economic feed the hungry crisis did not emerge during 2008 - 2009 for a sharp economic slowdown on the ground in many developing countries have also dominated the concerns above. The transmission of the impact of international prices for the less powerful local markets during the high time of food , while many governments have managed to absorb shock and protect the most vulnerable to the effects of eruptions sudden price hunger statistics .

The number of people suffering from hunger, which was released today are part of a series of new dates from 1990. And the best offers updated data on population , methods of food supply and the loss of food, dietary energy requirements and other factors . It also includes a better distribution of food in the country ( according to estimates of the supply and distribution of food) estimates.

Until today, reveals a set of three UN organizations that the link between economic growth and nutrition remained weak report, if submitted Altman approach a better framework for the integration feed the hungry of aspects of the agriculture feed the hungry, nutrition and health hunger statistics.

Social protection systems

While recognizing the importance of the growth is sometimes not sufficient in itself or quickly enough hunger statistics. We must therefore ensure that social protection systems do not neglect the most vulnerable and may be involved in the growth context in which to participate and benefit .

What we need now is the application of procedures and measures such as remittances and facilitate the availability of cash vouchers for food, health insurance , since most of the poor can not , in most cases the benefits to the immediate results of Neil growth opportunities . Social protection to achieve much to improve nutrition in the case of young children, and that this investment will pay off in the future feed the hungry , thanks to the creation of a workforce healthy adults and more educated citizens hunger statistics.
 This is not only an effective and complementary means of overall economic growth in order to ensure the defeat of hunger and malnutrition welfare .

The vast majority ( 852 million people ) of people suffering from hunger in developing countries , about 15 percent of the total population , while the remaining 16 million people suffering from food shortages among the countries of the industrialized economies.

And record the total number of hungry people to 132 million during the periods 1990-1992 and 2010-2012 , down from 18.6 percent to 12.5 percent of the total world population , and 23.2 percent to 14.9 percent in developing countries - indicating that the reduction in the number of people suffering from hunger by 2015 is still a means to achieve in the case of actions and appropriate measures and appropriate.

And now, it is estimated that the number of people suffering from hunger has decreased during the period between 1990 and 2007 at a much higher rate than previously thought . However, progress in reducing global hunger from 2007 - 2008 has slowed down and not get up .

By bringing the new international report once said Jose Grain DA Silva, Kana Wane, Ms. Arthurian cosine, which are, respectively , the heads of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development and Nations the World Food Programmed , " We found that this is not acceptable at all in the world today, including the ownership of technical and economic feasibility unprecedented over 100 million children under five are underweight and are not able to reach the state of economic and social development and humanitarian benefit of their energy , especially child malnutrition kill more than 2.5 million children each year.hunger statistics "

Present the " State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012" report, which issued a partnership between the feed the hungry United Nations Food and "SÃO" Agriculture and the International Fund for Agricultural Development " FAD "and the World Food Programmed " PA "says better than expected on the state of chronic food shortages, methodologies, and through better data to measure the conditions in the last two decades.

They stressed , saying :hunger statistics "We note with concern that the global economy from the grip of the recent global financial crisis is still small, but we call on the international community to exert more efforts to help the poorest of the poor Neil worldwide fundamental right of access to adequate food. . has the knowledge and the means to that position to eliminate all forms of food insecurity and malnutrition . " added that it is necessary to apply based on supporting overall economic growth " dual approach " (including agriculture) and the creation of social safety nets for the most vulnerable part of the second.

The impact of the economic crisis

However, the report notes, "The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012" is that the methodology for each superiority does not reflect the short-term effects of rising food prices and other economic crisis . organization seeks " FW " also for the development of a broader set of indicators in order to clearly reflect the quality of the food and other non-obvious dimensions of food safety requirements hunger statistics .

MD target within reach

The report feed the hungry mentions that the Dairyman Action to reverse the slowdown that began in 2007 - 2008 to meet the needs of the hungry, but makes the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by half the number of people suffering hunger in developing countries by 2015 in hand.

The report says: "If you keep the average annual rate of reduction of hunger in the past twenty years in 2015 , will reach the proportion of undernourished people in developing countries to 12.5 percent - and even exceeded the the objective of Millennium Development 11.6 percent is much closer than previously thought  hunger statistics. "

Asia is the number of hungry and Africa is on the rise

Among all regions annotated malnutrition over the past two decades, a decline of nearly 30 percent in Asia and the Pacific, from 739 million to 563 million people , at most , due to economic and social progress in many countries region . Despite population growth , the reduction of the prevalence of malnutrition in the region of 23.7 percent to 13.9 percent , and the fact that Latin America and the Caribbean also increased, by reducing the number of undernourished people from 65 million people suffering from hunger in 1990-1992 to 49 million in 2010-2012 and decreased prevalence of malnutrition of 14.6 percent to 8.3 percent . But the pace has slowed recently .

Africa is the only region where the number of people suffering from hunger has increased over this period, from 175 million to 239 million , bringing the total number to 20 million over the past four years. Although the prevalence of hunger in the duration of this period, however , increased slightly over the past three years, from 22.6 percent to 22.9 percent - the rate of hunger of a person with four people suffering from hunger. In sub -Saharan Africa, scrambling modest progress in recent years, from 2007 , and moved to increased hunger 2 percent per year since .

Also saw the return of economically developed in the number of hunger increased from 13 million in 2004-2006 to 16 million in 2010-2012 , while the downward trend continued agitation during the famine in the previous 20 years million from 1990 to 1992 .

Agricultural growth to fight against hunger statistic sand malnutrition

The report highlights that global growth is necessary but not sufficient to reduce hunger permanently . The growth of agriculture in the most effective hunger and malnutrition in the poorest countries of confinement , because most of the poor depend on agriculture and related activities in the context of their living resources. And ensure agricultural growth when small farmers, especially women feed the hungry , the highest degree of effectiveness in reducing extreme poverty and hunger, while creating jobs for the poor included hunger statistics.

To benefit from weak growth should be " sensitive to considerations of nutrition " to overcome various forms of malnutrition. No reduce hunger that increase the supply of food available , but also improve the quality of food in terms diversity , and content security.

But there are signs of hope to guide the possibility of achieving the goal of greater goals of the effort hunger statistics

9 October / feed the hungry October 2012 , Rome feed the hungry - the city new UN report on hunger today reported that nearly 870 million people , or one in eight suffer from chronic food shortages in the period 2010-2012 hunger statistics .

Although today there are 870 million people hungry , the world is increasingly facing the double burden of malnutrition , chronic malnutrition and micronutrients deficiencies , and the phenomenon results obesity and diseases subtle patterns from the same day affects more than 1.4 feed the hungry million people worldwide hunger statistics feed the hungry .

Stats hunger in the world this year

Stats hunger in the world this year

Southeast Asia and the Pacific is home to added than bisected the world's population, and about two thirds of the apple ache facts. (Source: Press absolution of the FASO, 2010)

That two actor bodies are estimated. Eradicating adamant absence can advance civic assembly levels of 20%. (Source:. Apple Health Organization, a database of the apple ache facts Health Organization on anemia)

Women aggregate added than bisected the world's citizenry but accomplish up added than 60%. (Source: Strengthening efforts to eradicate apple ache facts, the Economic and Social Council, 2007)

Iodine absence is the arch account of brainy amentia and brainy affliction affects academician 1,900,000,000 bodies in the world. You can abstain this by abacus iodine to salt. (Source: The fifth address of the accompaniment of diet in the apple ache facts, the Standing Committee of the United Nations Conference on Nutrition, 2005).

Die about 10.9 actor accouchement beneath bristles anniversary year in developing countries, and malnutrition and hunger-related causes 60% of deaths from these diseases. (Source: apple ache facts Accouchement 2007, UNICEF)

About 65% of bodies adversity the apple in alone seven countries: India, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia. (Source: Press absolution of the FASO, 2010)

Malnutrition leads to 5 actor deaths of accouchement beneath bristles anniversary year in developing countries apple ache facts . (Source: The account of afterlife amid accouchement beneath bristles years, UNICEF, 2006)

Suffers one adolescent in four accouchement is about 146 actor - are underweight. (Source: World's Accouchement 2007, UNICEF)

There are about 842 actor bodies do not accept abundant to eat, and alive for about 98 per cent in developing countries.

Over 70% of accouchement are angular (five or beneath age) in alone 10 countries area added than 50% of them in South Asia. (Source: Progress for Accouchement 2006, UNICEF)

Iron absence is the best accepted anatomy of malnutrition in all genitalia of the world, area it affects the apple ache facts

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